It’s all about love

The tacky sweater phenomenon started out innocently enough. In fact, once, in the early 90’s, for about a week they were quite fashionable. Ladies in their mom jeans, white Keds sneakers, and turtle-necks slipped into their newly purchased holiday apparel and were the envy of every family gathering, neighborhood party, and book club around.

Now we find ourselves in a curious time. The twenty-something crowd has discovered this fashion must have from a decade gone by, and have embraced it with parties thrown for the sole purpose of displaying their thrift store finds. Held in tension to this hip crowd is the 40+ bunch that can’t wait to pull out the annual favorite replete with santa, trees, snowmen, and actual jingle bells. I would say the common thread between the arguably opposing groups is love. That’s right…love. Love for the sweater, love for the season, love for friends, love for family, lots and lots of love. Now the adjective “tacky” has been ascribed to these holiday hits but I would argue it is a term of endearment that we should embrace and celebrate.

So that is what this site aims to do; celebrate the tacky holiday sweater. We will post photos we find as often as we can. What we REALLY want is you to submit your favorite real-life tacky sweater moments. We hope you will. Here is our email, your photos and brief descriptions are welcomed:
(we do reserve the right not to publish if the level of tacky is not what we’re looking for.

About mbgamble

Christian, husband, dad, youth minister, grad student...just trying to add a little joy to the world.
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