Queen of Tacky

This is a dear friend of mine. Her tacky Christmas sweater (TCS) parties are what all other TCS parties aspire to be.

Rumor has it that she is a thrifty/creative soul too. This year she made her own party stemware: mason jars attached to dollar store crystal candlesticks = redneck wine glasses. I call them brilliant.

Now for her choice of apparel. I wouldn’t call her choice as much tacky as it is cheesy. One a scale of cheesy, the designer of this sweatshirt knocks this one out of the park. Our Lord and Savior has been cheapened, commercialized, and co-opted by nefarious types for years.  My friend here is NOT one of those types. She is a church worker, as am I, and that gives us special permission to reclaim the cheesy, ironic, and sarcastic as our own and make it something positive and even virtuous. So, you go girl! Rock the cheesy! Raise your mason jar wine glass high and own who you are. You are an inspiration to us all.

As for those folks that have her that camo-nutcracker, you know who you are…bad form…bad, bad, bad.


About mbgamble

Christian, husband, dad, youth minister, grad student...just trying to add a little joy to the world.
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