Double Duty

I want you to see it first.

This picture perfect Christmas scene is complete with tree, lights, gifts, and schizophrenic sweater vest. Now schizophrenic does not necessarily mean dual personalities (although this sweater fits that bill), it actually means a break with reality. I believe both describe this sweater perfectly.

If you’ll notice, it is a patriotic santa sweater vest. As American as egg nog, ole’ Saint Nick, and the Fourth of July. So, when do you wear it? Christmas? The Fourth of July? Memorial Day? Presidents Day? I say ALL of them. We definitely could use a little Christmas time in the summer months, so why not some fireworks and flag waving in December? However, it does concern me where this might go: easter bunnies carrying jack-o-lanterns, Thanksgiving turkeys handing out Valentines, little green leprechauns wishing you a happy new year? Seems like a slipper slope to me…proceed with caution.

*special thanks to Laura for sending me the photo, Ashley for wearing it like a champ, and to Ashley’s mother-in-law for purchasing it (why, why, why?).

About mbgamble

Christian, husband, dad, youth minister, grad student...just trying to add a little joy to the world.
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2 Responses to Double Duty

  1. Purchased in 2001, after the attacks on the World Trade Center, this patriotic Santa vest was the perfect way to simultaneously spread Christmas Cheer and American Pride.

    Thankfully, my mother-in-law now includes this vest in her yearly offerings to me (and others who ask) for tacky Christmas parties. She has held on to this sweater, and others, knowing full well that they are now worn to parties labeled “tacky”. And she’s ok with it. I have an awesome mother-in-law!

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