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Christian, husband, dad, youth minister, grad student...just trying to add a little joy to the world.


All-time, worst-ever, made-me-wanna-barf award goes to:

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Newly married and broke = Guilty

Things you need to know about this sweatshirt: It is 23 years old. It came from my mother-in-law’s closet. I made it.    The Christmas of 1989 my wife and I had been married for a total of four months. … Continue reading

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Double Duty

I want you to see it first. This picture perfect Christmas scene is complete with tree, lights, gifts, and schizophrenic sweater vest. Now schizophrenic does not necessarily mean dual personalities (although this sweater fits that bill), it actually means a … Continue reading

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Queen of Tacky

This is a dear friend of mine. Her tacky Christmas sweater (TCS) parties are what all other TCS parties aspire to be. Rumor has it that she is a thrifty/creative soul too. This year she made her own party stemware: … Continue reading

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Need Photos

Okay folks, I hear of epic tacky Christmas sweater parties happening in all corners…where’s the love? Send me some photos. Submissions can be emailed to, now get to it, seriously, right now…send me photos.

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Social Neutering

Poor dogs…it’s one thing to make a personal choice to wear a tacky holiday sweater; it is another thing all together to subject your loyal four-legged companion to such ridicule. ALL the other dogs are making fun of these two, … Continue reading

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We Really Love our Dog

Really? Is that even a dog? It looks more like E.T.’s second cousin once removed. And who puts a photo of their dog on a holiday sweatshirt willingly? I’ll bet the rosy-cheeked vixen on the left made it for him … Continue reading

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